Nina Mercié, CCH, HHP – Personal and Freedom Coach

At Transformation Haven, we are creating the world we want to live in.

What do we want in life?

What brings us joy and makes us thrive?

Is it having vibrant relationships with our family and friends?

Is it living a fulfilling life with purpose and meaning?

Do our work lives serve society and maximize our contribution of unique gifts and talents?

At the Transformation Haven we explore who we are and the journey of arriving where we want to be and where we are meant to be. Change happens, it is inevitable. The economy will change, our body will change, it is the way of life. PROGRESS however, is intentional and it is what makes us feel HAPPY and ALIVE.

We have access to so many resources, we are living in a world of INFINITE ABUNDANCE.

However, in this information age, we don’t necessarily need or benefit from having more “knowledge”… or things. We need understanding, trust in ourselves and compassion. We need the ability to healthily integrate the abundance of information and experiences so that we can put our best foot forward on the journey of life.

How do we experience lives of total freedom, joy and unstoppable energy? We need to get clear. We need to learn how to deeply listen to ourselves and to others.

When we are unconscious, we will end up living our life based on fears, limitations and demands from our past conditioning. We end up living out the stories and excuses that we blindly accepted as the truth. We grow older not even realizing the type of relationship we are having with our own mind… giving away our power and eventually blaming others for what circumstances we attracted or failed to create. Our lives can be ugly or stagnant, or they can be beautiful…. All it takes is a shift. This shift can happen in a moment.

At Transformation Haven, we know that anything is possible. Joyful relationships NOW are possible. Making what you DREAM a REALITY. You can go for whatever you want. Dream it, build it, create it.

Your imprint on the planet in this lifetime is unique and only you alone can express it. If you don’t have what you want, you can CHANGE IT! Lets make progress, together.

Get ready to optimize, heal, dream and celebrate in BIG new ways!


Your Coach,