In October 2014, I had a break up and was going through a tough time.  I started working with Nina soon after.  Nina took an unconventional approach while working with me.  She took me on hikes and it was during this time that we talked about some issues that I was having.  I found that exercising while undergoing my counseling sessions was a wonderful way to get ideas flowing.  Nina helped me work on some of my limiting beliefs and recover from that breakup.  Nina also supported me as I was getting ready for my first physique contest in May of 2015.  Working with Nina helped me to keep focus on why I was competing and helped me visualize the outcome that I wanted.  I am in a new relationship now and still seek guidance from Nina as I am always striving to improve. Oh, and In May of 2015, I took first place in that physique contest.  Nina,  Thank you for opening up my mind.  I appreciate the support and guidance.

–Rick Wipf, Senior Loan Officer

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