Nina here…on route from San Diego to the East Coast this morning for a bit of consulting work with some amazing people and businesses.

I feel grateful and excited to offer a little bit of shake and wake to people from around the globe…

It is way too easy to fall asleep and get stuck and settle for what WE ALLOW to be the standard for our life.

Sadly we do this even when the standards we settled for aren’t the reflection of our happiest and best self.

How often we won’t exercise or eat or sleep properly or ask for what we want. Convincing ourselves that what we have is “fine” or “good enough” and that we shouldn’t stress ourselves out trying to do more or change things.

Of course having compassion and understanding and acceptance for ourselves is healthy, but I’m talking about when we let the voices of resistance win… while we ultimately… lose.

Deep down its as if we would rather tell a lie to ourselves to AVOID THE PAIN of facing how much we would actually have to do in order to have what we really, really wanted…. (“wait, what? give up sugar?no more mochas?!…. noooooooo….!” Or… “leave my job and find work on my own? Scary!”)

For instance, we might truly believe that exercise is healthy but we tell ourselves it’s ok not to exercise because it interferes with getting our work done… or  we don’t want to be too hard on our body.

Or we might convince ourselves to stay in a relationship because that person needs us or we need them even when it spins in circles with both parties completely unsatisfied.

If you want to get healthier or happier or more successful there might be more people telling you you should “be careful” and “don’t over do it” than, “that’s awesome, go for it!”

What are the limiting stories going on in your own mind?

Where did it come from?

Childhood, a bad experience, other people, social media?

or are they your own thoughts?

Inviting an opportunity to slow down the mind and its usual gamut of excuses.

Write the excuse, story or belief on paper as one complete sentence and look at it.

Breathe in… breathe out…

Ask yourself, Is it true?

Breathe in… Breathe out.

Ask yourself, “in the moment when I’m believing this limiting thought… what am I not able to do… what am I not able to see…”

Begin to notice the story going on in the mind.

Notice the  consequences of believing this thought or story.

What happens to your life when you believe this?

DECIDE for yourself whether or not that story is true.

DECIDE what you believe to be true and place the power of this TRUTH back into your own hands.

And go rock your world with it!

You got this!