Transform your lifestyle and mind with one of Nina’s Life Coaching Services

One Month of Fun and Fitness Movement Coaching:

Energize, Motivate, Reach Fitness Goals, Have fun and get inspired with a coaching professional. Includes power boost phone calls once per week. Need more confidence? Schedule a touch in call to get the juices flowing. Your Nina will also be available for inspiration and support via Email and text. Ask about my promo discount! The month includes three weekly sessions for one month.

Dating and Relationship Coaching Session 60 minutes:

Identify the relationship you want, get a basic assessment on the type of partner you are and the partner you are looking for. I will lead you to do course correction and practice in attracting and securing your power partner. Dating is easy! Finding a relationship is easy! Let me show you how! Let me help you find the love you want.

15 minute Morning Boost, Power and Confidence Call:

15 minute Power call to give you energy and motivation. Get the confidence you need to get into an empowered and resourceful space to conquer your daily tasks and confront any challenges with ease. After our call you will feel relaxed and powerful. Solve a challenging problem in less than 15 minutes!

Loving what is meditation mindfulness and spiritual coaching 60 minutes:

Mindfulness meditation practice to help you find peace and relief through life’s most challenging situations, relationships and people.

Transform Today!

Please inquire here to reserve your Group Workshop or Private Session with Nina.

Change has arrived and I could not be more comfortable or okay with that.

My awareness is on high alert and my mind is taking notice of all the colors and textures around me. I’ve never been so willing and ready to take myself and my loved ones to the next level.

Thank you Nina Mercié for giving me the tools and confidence to fully understand my self worth and sense of self being.

I am inspired to be the best version of myself, therefore, giving the world the best I have to offer.

Nina helped me have a breakthrough in record time! When I was stuck and felt the heaviness of  a situation, Nina used her intuition and life-changing questions to help lift the weight and clear the path to my dreams.

I am so thankful for her coaching. She uses emotion, humor, space and powerful questions to create breakthroughs. Unlike other coaches who tell you what to do, Nina gave me the power to use my creativity and inner-knowing.

She believed in me enough to know I had the powerful answers. All I needed to do was trust myself. Thank you Nina for helping me fly!


Say Goodbye to Old Patterns.