Have you noticed feelings of sadness, fear, jealousy, anger or shame? I have!

Many of us do not FEEL SAFE with these emotions or to even admit having them!

Our emotions are juicy(!) and revealing a deep dormant story that is surfacing in order to be processed.

Esalen - Beauty!In other words, negative emotions aren’t something bad or good– they are all valid and an invitation for healing to happen.

When we push away, ride over, escape, deny or hide from negative emotions they don’t go away… they begin to RUN OUR LIFE!!!

We must name it to tame it and feel it to heal it!

Have you ever noticed that emotions don’t stay? They are energy in motion… and they change almost as soon as they are observed!

(try it. track an emotion like let’s say, sadness or fear… and stay with it, focusing on it with all your loving attention. what happens?)

The reason we skip over negative emotions is we culturally ACCEPT HAPPINESS but feel shame (that we are defective) for feeling anything less than “FINE”.

Also it is often unsafe to reveal negative emotions because the environment we are in doesn’t support it and would use it against us– to say we are not right, weak, not nice or pathetic.

This skipping over of negative emotions is called a “spiritual bypass”… We get to peace and happy by willing it, affirming it and denying the darkness within us. Shhhh! What darkness?

And in our spiritual or social communities there becomes a spiritual hierarchy. The more “awesome”, “happy” “together” and “fine” you are, the closer to God you must be. Implicit is the message that the one without negative emotion is ok while someone feeling “sad”, “scared” or “neurotic” is not ok.

Wow! Really?!

And so we get a lot of people walking around with negative emotions they won’t feel or acknowledge or express or share… Until this energy pops out of our body as an incident of rage, high blood pressure, heart attack, suicide, homicide, addictions of all kinds, dis-ease, diabetes, eczema, anxiety, depression, you name it!

Despite the madness, I am feeling very blessed to realize that beyond the Drs and medicine that might be required as part of the healing process… there is another healing that awaits us… a healing that is in our own hands. a healing that our planet is EXCITEDLY calling for now.

This healing comes from every little decision to do my own work. to identify any judgments or causes of stress blocking me from being fully present.

by noticing what’s going on in my own body, mind and heart… Our personal work becomes a way of cleaning house…

Clearing our internal world of drama and grievances and complaints, we grow in our understanding, compassion and empathy.

We become a safer and safer haven for ourself.

We become a safe haven for others.

So that together as a community we cultivate an environment of safety and acceptance to express and be our best self.

This is what’s happening here.

It’s really sweet

what’s happening here.