Success Stories

How Coaching can change your life...

I have friends who listen with an alternating current, and this recharges us so that we are constantly being re-created. There is this little creative fountain inside us the begins to spring and cast up new thoughts and unexpected laughter and wisdom. Thank you for being that spark of creativity and happiness and laughter, and inspiration…you are a beautiful Angel in my life Nina Mercié!!!! I am so grateful for your friendship and for your love. Thank you for being you!

— Jessi W.

I’ve been struggling for many years to understand my larger purpose in life, what I’m all about and the direction I need to go. Nina has helped me realize that I’m exactly where I need to be now at this moment. I am perfect as I am. What this allows me to do is to open my eyes to new worlds of possibility that I could not even imagine.

Whatever Nina’s presence touches increases life. She is the artist of being alive and helping others be alive. Working with Nina will transform your life into something extraordinary.

— David

Working with Nina has been amazing. My background is physical therapy and I know how to get fit, but something was blocking me. I needed someone to exercise alongside me with intuition and coaching skills And she is this amazingly joyous and caring companion, a trusted beam of light. I have had chronic pain for a long time, but was in much less pain but still not moving enough. As I worked with her, so many things were discovered with her help. That my body is truly ok. YEAH!! It is not the issue. Exercising meant that I needed (I thought) to be around a lot of people. That brought up intense fear. But she took me into nature and we enjoyed it together. No crowds were needed. In fact, moving in nature is joy giving. And that there were some gifts in my illness that my mind was not ready to give up and would set up symptoms to block me. And her coaching around this issue has been extremely healing. I believe, that I am ready to move forward. Literally and figuratively. And if I get stuck, I know who to call! Thank you Nina. You are a blessing and a good friend.

— Sheila

Exploring the California coast on a bicycle, little did I know, that this was a journey reflecting the possibilities of the rest of my life! It’s my privilege to express the gratitude I have for a dear friend, Nina Mercie. Through her tutelage, she helped me to unlock everlasting energy within.  Through her process, I identified the rawness of my limitations and now enjoy every moment navigating through them. My attitude in life continues to transform in amazing ways. Nina brings forth an uplifting perspective that creates a platform for success! She is an expert by trade and is the essence of true vitality.

— Daren

Nina brought my awareness to my language choice, and how that creates my reality. I have shifted away from poverty consciousness to abundance consciousness. She leads by example of  generosity and is one of the most motivating and motivated people I’ve ever met. Her commitment to her soul’s evolution is consistently inspiring. She’s a gift to all she knows.

— Merry Trentadue

Many of us have experienced difficulties in our relationships with family or friends or significant others. Nina Mercié has the background, education and experience to help all of us build better relationships with those who mean the most to us. Nina can help you find the root of the problem and show you how to communicate through your heart and convey your true feelings in order to experience better relationships. You can count on her to give you personalized advice that works for you as an individual. In the end you will feel a relief from previously pent up or guarded emotions and the feeling of peace and more energy. This renewed and freed up energy can be used and put forth in living your fullest and happiest life.

— Dr. George

Change has arrived an I could not be more comfortable or okay with that. My awareness is on high alert and my mind is taking notice of all the colors and textures around me. I’ve never been so willing and ready to take myself and my loved ones to the next level. Thank you Nina Mercié for giving me the tools and confidence to fully understand my self worth and sense of self being. I am inspired through you to be the best version of myself, therefore, giving the world the best I have to offer.

— James

Nina Mercié has helped me so much! She helped me raise my vibration, eat healthier, heal my relationship issues with my mom and nephew, exercise, helped my creativity blossom and most of all she helped me to feel sexy and alive. I receive blessings each time I see her and look forward to many more sessions!!! Thank you from the fullness of my heart!!! You are a luminary for our planet.

— Corinn LeMar

You were amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. I have received great feedback from so many attendees last night. They love what you shared and they loved you. I ditto their sentiments.

— Marla Brucker, DCH, R.HA, Director, Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy

I shared our power moment from yesterday at this mornings meeting. Yesterday I was so conflicted, I was so much better after the re-frame. Nina, your magic moves me!!!

— Power Moment, Coaching Client

I owe it to Nina! She got me to ride!!! I consider myself fit as I teach both Barre and Yoga classes for almost 17 years.  However, let me tell you that Nina inspired me BIG time to start biking outdoors again as I used to ride in NYC back in 1991 until my awesome Trek bike got stolen. In the Spring Nina said: “Hey Kika, let’s go on this magical bike ride today”.   At first I was resistant as I have been dealing with Lyme Disease and my cardio has gone out the window since 2010 and not to mention a relationship break up created this low energy vortex for me but she would never give up and mention it throughout time and then one day I thought ok…Nina + magical= Ninagical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Brilliant combo!!!!!  Guess what … I have more energy than ever and my heart has been healing due to being outdoors in the sunshine, pumping awesome oxygen throughout my body and the fantastic uplifting wooooooo hooooooooo energy that Nina brings to the table has been so freaking awesomely therapeutic that it is with the utmost gratitude that I thank her for the brilliant ride (no pun intended)!!!!!!!!   Not to mention I shed another 10 pounds.  I am getting properly fitted for a new bike as I got hooked again:)))
THANK YOU Nina for shedding light on the path when it’s been a bit bumpy.  I love you and because of your lead,  I am out of the low vibe and RIDING the high and plan to stay there for the remaining years of my life!  WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!  Get out and move! 
Move the energy… super healing:)))
Blessings baby!l

— Kika

Nina has helped me immensely with finding healing from within and dealing with emotional imbalance and stresses, and physical ailments. We don’t need them! She is teaching me so much about bettering myself and well as her healing energy work. She is a beautiful gift from God. Thank you so much for being with me, in so many ways, on my healing journey. Through this time I have learned more about me, my family and others. I’ve become more aware of my surroundings. Nina, your words, touch, and wisdom are beyond any review. Thank you so much. Much Love!

— Tina W.

Nina has a laser sharp ability to get straight to the core of any complex issue. I found she is excellent at holding space and asking inspiring questions that lead to transformational ways of seeing things from new perspectives. She shows you how to transform let downs and challenges and like transforming metal into gold, helping one to see the opportunity behind any preconceived setback. It’s truly a mind re-patterning experience! Like a fire cracker in the mind lighting up, she gently guides one into seeing new, expanded possibilities for enhanced growth.

— Randi

I attended one of Nina’s wonderful Byron Katie workshops and received an unanticipated gift: a reconnection with my brother who has always seemed very distant and removed from me. In less than 15 minutes of doing the work with Nina , I discovered that the only barrier to a deeper connection with my brother was the story I had created in my mind about him. As soon as I changed my story I was able to reach out to my brother who seemed genuinely grateful and excited, and it has sparked the beginning of a new, unbounded relationship with him. Thank you, Nina!

— Christiana

The workshop exceeded my expectations. Often I do not know a lot about what my staff is thinking and feeling because we are so busy working and in the business mode. Finding out what makes them tick during the workshop gave me greater understanding on how to work better as a team. The camaraderie I feel now has made it a more pleasant place to work.

— George

Nina helped me have a breakthrough in record time! When I was stuck and felt the heaviness of  a situation, Nina used her intuition and life-changing questions to help lift the weight and clear the path to my dreams. So thankful for her coaching. She uses emotion, humor, space and powerful questions to create breakthroughs. Unlike other coaches who tell you what to do, Nina gave me the power to use my creativity and inner-knowing. She believed in me enough to know I had the powerful answers. All I needed to do was trust myself. Thank you Nina for helping me fly !

— Vishnu

I always leave feeling SO inspired! She explains things in a way that I haven’t experienced before. Nina is doing amazing work.

— Laurie

It was a total thrill! Nina Mercié is a serious teacher of The Work. She truly embodies Byron Katie’s wonderful system and teaches it with compassion. She skillfully delves deeply into the situation being careful to move step by step so that her student can see the truth along the way. Nina’s workshop is a ‘must attend‘.

— Magdelena

What inspires me about Nina is her inner peace and the fun that she brings to the moment.  I was in a difficult time in my life and being part of a group of people who practiced Yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, eating vegetarian, and open to esoteric concepts; all of this became an accelerator to a larger part of what I am.  The magic that Nina brings is being a planetary being that sees no borders and is connected to an elegant joy.  The Fairy Ninja who knows how to be stealthy in darkness while being pure light.   Meeting her I felt her ability to see through the surface and connect with the divine angelic self that is in everyone.  In Nina’s consultations it is amazing to share how others can have that expansive  point of view that encompasses the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual envelope in an instant. to remind clients that they had a pre-life and that they are equipped with the tools and wisdom to transform themselves into a physical version of their infinite selves.

I wanted to mention that she also exudes a sensuality that is part of honoring her divine feminine so that it alchemizes the masculine to seek a more divine state.  That is ninja fairy magic! Thank you Nina for your smiles!

— Fernando Vossa

Hello Nina, I wanted to take this time to thank you for all your help and great relationship advise. Words can’t explain how I feel. Thank you for everything!!!You have really made a BIG difference in Ann and my relationship. Ann & I are on the same page now and doing awesome!!! We are communicating so well!!! I feel like she respects and loves me in the true way I need to be treated!!! “The five love languages are so key to know.” I truly LOVE Ann and we are going forward with the right contract in place for the both of us!!! Ann & I are so excited to be getting married!!! We are so grateful to have you in our life!!! Thank you!!!

— Paul

I began to call Nina Ms. Vibrant because whenever I met with her I was infused with energy and insight. Coupled with this is her innate ability get to the bottom of what I am working on and spark a shift with grace and ease. I always and only ever feel her support and love. I highly recommend her transformative juices!!!

— Carri Barish

In October 2014, I had a break up and was going through a tough time.  I started working with Nina soon after.  Nina took an unconventional approach while working with me.  She took me on hikes and it was during this time that we talked about some issues that I was having.  I found that exercising while undergoing my counseling sessions was a wonderful way to get ideas flowing.  Nina helped me work on some of my limiting beliefs and recover from that breakup.  Nina also supported me as I was getting ready for my first physique contest in May of 2015.  Working with Nina helped me to keep focus on why I was competing and helped me visualize the outcome that I wanted.  I am in a new relationship now and still seek guidance from Nina as I am always striving to improve. Oh, and In May of 2015, I took first place in that physique contest.  Nina,  Thank you for opening up my mind.  I appreciate the support and guidance.

— Rick Wipf

Nina is a very effective teacher because she comes across as a fellow learner. Disarming, kind and gentle with the people. Some really don’t want the truth, they like their story! Anyway, a big thank you to her. She has turned me on to a new way of thinking.

— John