When was the last time you truly examined your life with fierce honesty and full love?  The time is now!  I am very excited to invite you to a powerful workshop I’m co-hosting in New England October 6-9, 2016.

This three-day workshop will rekindle the fire in your heart and catapult you into RAPID personal development, expanding your RELATIONSHIP and LEADERSHIP skills in ways that will make immediate and lasting impacts on your life!

If you are one of those people who imagines there is more to life than the current status quo, and that there’s more inside you to live and give than what you’re presently putting out into the world, then consider what one adventurous weekend in the blazingly beautiful colors of a New England autumn would do for your heart and soul.

Drawing from wisdoms and traditions from all over the world, with leading information on mindfulness, meditation, cognitive behavioral sciences, and communication, you will wake each day with more zest for life and greater focus and determination to conquer your goals.

This workshop is a TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESS of the highest value I have ever experienced.  You will shoot higher, challenge stronger, love harder, and show up better than ever.  Your family, partner, co-workers, and friends will experience you differently, in a positive way… and best of all, you will experience yourself more deeply!

For one glorious weekend, you commit to focusing on your growth and your BREAKTHROUGH to the next level of happiness and fulfillment in life.

If you want to join me or would like to know more, please message me soon, as registration is limited.  I hold for you fiercely the belief of what’s possible for you in your life!

If you feel your life was meant to be much more but you haven’t popped above the surface level of comfort and concealment….

Or you keep saying you’re going to do something or have something that hasn’t happened yet…..

Or you’re not in a relationship that rocks your world totally and completely…

Or you are a business owner who wants to play FULL out and reach new heights….

Or you want to travel and enjoy life and have more meaningful experiences and relationships….

Join me for this weekend course in New England.  It’s a gift to yourself that will keep on giving as your life and relationships continue to grow sweeter and stronger!

What will you do with your one wild and precious life?  Here’s to living fabulously, fearlessly and fiercely!