A workshop for Women on how to ATTRACT anything… the EASY WAY!


By popular demand, and for the first time ever, i am hosting a hands-on interactive playdate workshop by women for women to learn how to act and ATTRACT like a lady!

Practice training with your merciful and merciless teacher who wont let you get away another second with that EXCESSIVE masculine energy that is DEFINITELY sabotaging your relationships!

Learn the keys ways Alpha Women cause their man to leave, and how to prevent this from happening in your next relationship… also, how to heal and move on from this pain (that’s another program, but we won’t leave you without touching on this.)

Learn what “spiritual” women do that literally CHASES men away! (and that is actually based on FEARFUL thinking– the opposite of being “spiritual”)

BE the lovely feminine goddess you are by showing up as Her (the raw, real, honest, gorgeous you!) more often!
learn how to be the feminine goddess who works easy, plays breezy and attracts her hearts desires easily, effortlessly and abundantly!

You will enjoy being feminine so much, you may decide to not ever go back to the SUPER MASCULINE ever again.

Be empowered. Be balanced in both your masculine and feminine energy.

Know when to use one and hold off on the other.

Enjoy a bit of nature and the ocean as we practice feeling into our natural essence.

Get excited about the wonderful, amazing YOU… and tap into your natural powers instantly.

We will do discussion, exercises, reflection writing and role playing so your mind and heart are activated throughout this magical transformative event.

I will be answering and we will discuss some of the toughest questions we have about dating, mating and the opposite sex.

There is a science and a mystery to love and relationships. On this special day of “Lady School” we will delve into both.

Your love life will never be the same… and you will be glad!

Your Fave Love & Relationship Expert,
+ Romance Rescuer,

Join Us:
Saturday, March 12, 2016
2:30 PM to 5:15 PM

Seascape Cliffs & Turtle Gardens

Suggested donation $25 per person

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