Hello, How is the vibe tribe?  I am here at mount Solidad in La Jolla California. One of my favorite ways to stay in shape and keep my energy high is to hike uphill. Either hiking or riding my bike. When my heart is pumping hard it is pumping fresh oxygen rich blood throughout my body. Helping me to eliminate toxins and create lots of healthy blood and remove lactic acids. When I’m breathing hard my lungs are cleansed and they feel more open so I can breathe easier.  These type of activities are my favorite things to do especially when working with clients. I notice as we move we work through the problem and begin to identify the blocks that are getting in our way. Things we are not able to see or do with the problem just sitting in front of us. After moving our bodies I like to sit down and go from there. I believe we are all resilient creatures and we need to place demands on our bodies. We need a chance to get stronger and our culture seems to prize sitting and working. But coffee and staring at a computer is just not healthy. It’s not!  So I invite my clients on a hike and it starts with me! So here I am doing one of my favorite things and sharing it with you!

I hope you have a vibrant day and I look forward to hearing what magical transformation is happening in your life! Share it with me below in the comments section!