Hey Guys! Returning to Solana Beach after a most amazing Peak Performance Boot Camp Intensive! Yeah!

I love working with people to help get them in the right state/physiology, become aware of the unconscious underlying stories that would take them out of the game and to strategize on their next steps for success.

I’m also so very happy I found green juice and an egg sandwich (scrapping the bagel)  at the little market before getting on this train. My grievance— chemical carbs and sugar shitstorms are everywhere. Who eats that crap, seriously. Lol 

Anyway i don’t know why I talk to myself on fb while you guys are all probably sleeping right now. I think it’s because I just want to put my energy out there and share with you what’s alive for me.

My summer wellness program is still available for signups. I can’t wait to work with you on getting in the best shape of your life physically, mentally and spiritually. Let’s conquer something amazing together!!!