Get In The BEST SHAPE Of Your Life This Summer with Nina Mercié!

with Nina Mercié, CCH, HHP
Vibrant Wellness Mentor & Transformation Coach

Do you find yourself  “starting” to workout or “starting” to eat healthier but never quite following through? Do you want more strength, confidence and energy to live your best life? Summer is here and it’s not too late to get in the best shape of your life!

Imagine what would be possible for you after just a few weeks of solid committed action in the direction of your goals and dreams. How good would it feel to not only meet but exceed your personal wellness goals?

Let’s get you the proven tools, strategies and expert support you need to make this easy, fun and effective so you will get over the hardest first weeks, build momentum, make dramatic positive changes and never have to “start” a new health and fitness regimen again.

This is an experiential, high-powered transformation for your body, mind and spirit.

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The Impact of Coaching… Growing the Individual

“I’ve been struggling for many years to understand my larger purpose in life, what I’m all about and the direction I need to go. Nina has helped me realize that I’m exactly where I need to be now at this moment. I am perfect as I am. What this allows me to do is to open my eyes to new worlds of possibility that I could not even imagine.

Whatever Nina’s presence touches increases life. She is the artist of being alive and helping others be alive. Working with Nina will transform your life into something extraordinary.”
~28x Iron Man Elite Champion Athlete, Author “Full-Time and Sub-Nine”, David Glover

“Exploring the California coast on a bicycle, little did I know, that this was a journey reflecting the possibilities of the rest of my life! It’s my privilege to express the gratitude I have for a dear friend, Nina Mercie. Through her tutelage, she helped me to unlock everlasting energy within.  Through her process, I identified the rawness of my limitations and now enjoy every moment navigating through them. My attitude in life continues to transform in amazing ways. Nina brings forth an uplifting perspective that creates a platform for success! She is an expert by trade and is the essence of true vitality.”
~Daren Cheng, Western Regional Manager for Brilliant General Maintenance