Hello my dearest friends,

I’m leading a rare and unique workshop and meditation from my office this Thursday night, tomorrow at 7pm-8:45pm.


Join us at the Transformation Haven in Solana Beach. Space is LIMITED. $25 registration.

PM me if you want to be with us in this powerful and magical vortex. ?

We are going to learn how to question stressful concepts in the mind. You will play a role in this circle. We will meet the unconscious with a deeper consciousness. No judgment!

We all have these thoughts!!!

It’s going down.

Gremlins and monkeys do not belong in your head.

They belong on paper and in our meditation tomorrow night.

Face it, suffering is optional.

Do you want freedom, inner peace and joy?

Or do you believe yourself to be a victim?

You do have a choice!!!

Train your brain the way any ATHLETE works on their game.

I invite you!

I am fortunate to travel the world teaching top level executives exactly how to do this process and their relationships have changed dramatically!

The results are miraculous and extraordinary!

Now it’s your turn. Get what you came for.

Besides, I make it fun and easy.

we will laugh, have a great time and you won’t even know you are working! ?

If you live in the San Diego community or are visiting and want to rock your own world in one simple night of heightened focus, now is your chance!

Cannot wait to see you!!!

Be committed to the work that grows you! Schedule it. ?