Keynote Speaker Nina Mercié in New York City at the Body Mind Spirit ExpoHello Freedom Lovers,

Are you leading your life by creative design or is it a series of motions that go on and on… filled with boredom, guilt, stress or dread? In the moments when I feel like life is just a list of “action items” on a never-ending “to do” list, I remind myself, no, this is not life. Life is more. Much, much more! Life isn’t about how much we do or how much we have. For me, it’s about experiencing the magic and wonder of a miraculous existence. It’s about interacting in this wonder in a balance of both masculine and feminine ways. Sometimes we are making things happen, sometimes we are sitting back allowing for things to happen… we are playing in a world of infinite abundance and opportunity for creation.

How is your new year so far?

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Amp up your energy, act with power and navigate with total resourcefulness.

Your inner genius can be turned on at any moment, how about turning it on NOW. Looking forward to championing the adventure of life with you! Warmly yours, Nina Mercié