Unleashing my POWER!

Why do I feel the need to bike the heights of Mount Soledad and clock fifty miles on a steamy, hot day?   It is not because I want to be on my bike for 7 hours, 47 minutes.  It is not because I want to burn 2126 calories (but that is an added bonus).  It is because every day I choose to do something that forces me to unleash my power.

I have learned the benefits of pushing myself to my limits, especially when I am grumpy or tired.  Comfort is addicting, and too much of it is not necessarily a good thing.  When we get out of our comfort zones and commit to reaching higher, it can be messy and painful, especially when we are held accountable for the very goals and dreams we claim we want to reach.  But how much will we grow if we don’t challenge ourselves?  How much will we grow if we don’t identify and face our fears?

Are you ready to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and truly push the edges of yourself?  Are you ready to face what is holding you back, allowing the discomfort to feel like sand about to make a pearl? Are you ready to rise to new heights, so that at the end of this blast of life, you will know in your heart that you fully knew yourself, understood your dreams, and did everything humanly possible to make those dreams real?  Are you ready to let nothing stand in your way?