Tuesday, March 15, 2016
7:15 PM to 9:15 PM

Center for Vibrant Wellness 
S. Cedros Ave, Design District, Solana Beach, CA (map)

off the 5 freeway between Via De la Valle and Loma Santa Fe Drive, parallel to the ocean and coast hwy.

Contact Nina further if you are confirmed for the event.

Price: $15.00 /per person

Are you living your dream life?

You’re the one who is dreaming it.

Just wanted to say thank you to “Meetup” for making it possible to meet and work with people I otherwise would have never met… I’ve met some truly wonderful people lately and it has been a blast!

… and we’ve only just got started!


Do know how much COURAGE and COMMITMENT it takes to show up somewhere you’ve never been to before and to be around people you don’t know… it can be kind of nerve-racking or awkward, right?

Well, thank you for deciding to make it anyway.

Especially when you are bored, hungry, tired, lonely or hangry…

That’s ESPECIALLY the time to show up.

Nothing I haven’t ever been myself… and times like that is when the PAY OFF for showing up is that much SWEETER! : )

I have been working diligently, traveling vastly and challenging myself continually.

The results are paying off and am excited after more than a year of searching…
to offer a creative, dynamic and sacred space for you! In our vibrant new wellness center in the Design District of Thriving and Beautiful… … Solana Beach, CA.

It is with great pleasure I invite you to this special little sanctuary.

Here we will get together once again to do some INCREDIBLE WORK.

The work for this event 
is based on the work of Byron Katie (a type of meditation inquiry that involves asking 4 questions and applying turnarounds) and yet it is so much more.
For now, I call it “Thought Work” because we are working with Thoughts– those invisible stories going on in the mind.

We are practicing and learning how to meet our suffering in a way that can really GROW us as a person.

Years ago I invested an entire month in the “Turnaround House” of Byron Katie out in Ojai, Ca and it changed my entire world.

At that time (about 5 years ago) I was already doing weekly meditation events in my home on the beach and traveling quite extensively to different trainings here and there… but the dynamics in my life at that time were trapping my spirit and I became depressed and deeply unsatisfied with my life.

and immersing myself in this work became the kindest gift I ever gave myself! I will always remember the DEPTH of the experience I achieved in this work and I find it to be un-parallel to anything I have ever studied.

For me it is the “check mate” to all the other work out there… don’t trust me, see for yourself…
a lot of self-improvement strategies out there tend to keep us in our head or train us to be reliant on a guru or object or expert to receive our empowerment or enlightenment….
well what happens when you don’t have access to the soft music or voice to relax if you have become reliant on that?

what happens when you forked over all your savings for an expensive coach and you still haven’t figured out your life or business yet…
have you practiced the skill that will matter the most to you?

there’s nothing out there that can change you, (who says you need to be changed to begin with? ; )

but you can cultivate a relationship with yourself over time that reveals to you all of your own wisdom.

how about an opportunity to break out of the “old way” and activate a way that reveals and connects us to our very nature…

wow, it is truly amazing how much this process has shaped my life in very beautiful ways.

We all have ideas on how to meditate or be mindful or to improve ourselves and if it serves, it serves. great. One of my favorite ways to meditate or be mindful is to USE OUR ACTUAL THOUGHTS and make them THE FOCUS OF OUR MEDITATION.

that’s what we will be doing at this event. I will show you exactly how to do it.
We have thousands of thoughts per day if not millions, why not choose the one belief/ concept / story / thought that is throwing our world out of balance and into misery…
why not take our “superficial” thought and go deep with it and see what unfolds from there.

learn to identify the stories so we can tame them. “name it. to tame it”
lets become detectives or scientists or explorers and see where the adventure leads us.
It can be a magical experience once we do.

and it is one of the most valuable skill sets i have learned that brings me great JOY in my life and relationships today.
Come join us for a spontaneous and provocative event… you’ll see ; )
bring your sincerity and willingness of heart…
if you’re feeling risky you can take on a big topic (there is no topic too big– honestly, seriously.) or if you are feeling a bit guarded or resistant or just want to try to work a less serious thought, hey, be my guest, be playful and see what happens.

If you ever have monkeys in your head 

or if you have a situation in your life that keeps you up at night or distracts you at all during any time of the day, come on in and lets work on it.
I wont be available to offer this meeting again until after April 2016… the energy of Spring takes me to some interesting places..
so now is your chance to show up and show me you’re not just a robot or spy in my meetup group. :)
; )

if you have an interest and want to go to a meetup that revolves around YOU and your specific experience,
then this is the meetup you won’t want to miss!

I’m really looking forward to meeting you, wherever you’re at on your own personal journey.

Mark your calendars and I will see you soon!
THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU if you want to…

-experience FREEDOM from stressful thoughts
-IMPROVE your relationships
-learn better ways to communicate
-take responsibility for your life and happiness
-live a little ; )