Loving What is Workshop - Learn a Powerful Meditation Technique with Nina Mercié

Loving What Is…

Based on the Work of Byron Katie with Nina Mercie

Nina has invested wholeheartedly and has benefited significantly from her endeavors in the field of Personal Transformation. More than 10 years ago, she graduated with Honorable Distinction from San Diego State University, California with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. With thousands of hours of post-graduate and Masters level education world-wide (in holistic health, gestalt psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral science, meditation, hypnotherapy, NLP and yoga) Nina brings dynamic contribution to the field of Personal Growth. Her work is conducted internationally and personalized to connect with audiences from diverse backgrounds and to create lasting shifts. She is Founder of the Cognitive-Behavioral Center for Relationship Wellness, Transformation Haven.

The course of this inward yet interactive class, Nina facilitates a type of meditative inquiry commonly known as “The Work of Byron Katie” or “The Work”. It is a potent process to ending personal and mental suffering by writing down a stressful thought, asking 4 simple questions then finding “turnarounds”, which is a way to experience the opposite of what we believe. Often participants will report feeling a sense of ease, humor, freedom, peace and/or relief after doing this work. Come join us to learn about Byron Katie’s work that has spread worldwide to millions of readers and to hundreds of thousands of workshop participants.

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