Hello, My Friend,
I’m here to remind you that anything is possible for you in Life and Love. I am specialized as a Personal Coach for the person or couple who wants to live a wholehearted, meaningful and extraordinary life. What is your focus? Is it love & relationships, peak performance, lifestyle & well-being? Lets zero in on what you’re trying to accomplish. We can work together to get clear on your plan of action, identify any unconscious blocks that would prevent you from having what you want and BREAKTHROUGH to heightened levels of CONNECTION, FULFILLMENT and FREEDOM. We will practice fun new strategies so that you can go from stagnant to SUCCESSFUL or turn a dull and lifeless relationship into one that is VIBRANT and ALIVE!

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It was a total thrill!  Nina Mercié is a serious teacher of The Work. She truly embodies Byron Katie’s wonderful system and teaches it with compassion.

She skillfully delves deeply into the situation being careful to move step by step so that her student can see the truth along the way. Nina’s workshop is a ‘must attend‘.