Meet the golden scarab, a beetle and miracle of life.

Isn’t life beautiful?  And when it isn’t… thank god for the relationships that hold us, see us, and lift us.

I have immense gratitude for the many special people in my life.  Together we hold the vision of our dreams, both yours and mine, precious and dear. Together we choose to decide who we are being in the world and how to thrive in it.  We can choose to let go of stories we might have held and told for too long, stories we believe have protected us from things from which we no longer need to be protected.  We can decide to stay committed, to choose to be fierce in pursuit of our dreams, and to make miracles happen. Together we stretch and grow until we bust out into the full expression previously bubbling, stirring and activating inside us…… BOOM! SPLASH! SWOOSH!  Time for miracles!