A Note from Nina…

After a Weekend in Santa Cruz, CA

ninamercie_winterwonderland_sliderWelcome to Transformation Haven,

“A Powerful Place for Positive Change”

It’s December now and while we may find ourselves busy for the holidays…

there is also an unmistakable slowing down.

The weather is colder, there is less daylight and over all we become more reflective about our lives and the year that has almost fully passed.

With this slowing down, we might become more in touch with our pain, the sickness or loss of loved ones, dreams that didn’t turn out as we had hoped…

for my wonderful clients who are experiencing something difficult right now…

Thank you for your vulnerability which makes me feel more connected to you.

thank you for your strength and for remembering this world needs you.

it is through this tenderness of self you can hear the whispers of angels…

during this time I invite you to listen and keep on listening…

there is a stillness and calm after our heart breaks open with tears.

there is a space for wisdom to flow once the walls have come a tumbling down.

Precious being,

love love love yourself during these little moments of tenderness.

this is when you are most beautiful, actually.

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