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Are you tired of living life by the demands of other people? Are things going well, but you are in the comfort zone and in need of a BREAKTHROUGH? What would it be like to take your life to the NEXT LEVEL.


“I attended one of Nina’s wonderful Byron Katie workshops and received an unanticipated gift: a reconnection with my brother who has always seemed very distant and removed from me. In less than 15 minutes of doing the work with Nina , I discovered that the only barrier to a deeper connection with my brother was the story I had created in my mind about him. As soon as I changed my story I was able to reach out to my brother who seemed genuinely grateful & excited, it has sparked the beginning of a new, unbounded relationship with him. Thank you, Nina!” ~ Christiana

“Nina helped me have a breakthrough in record time! When I was stuck and felt the heaviness of  a situation, Nina used her intuition and life-changing questions to help lift the weight and clear the path to my dreams. So thankful for her coaching. She uses emotion, humor, space and powerful questions to create breakthroughs. Unlike other coaches who tell you what to do, Nina gave me the power to use my creativity and inner-knowing. She believed in me enough to know I had the powerful answers. All I needed to do was trust myself. Thank you Nina for helping me fly!”
~ Vishnu

“Nina brought my awareness to my language choice, and how that creates my reality. I have shifted away from poverty consciousness to abundance consciousness. She leads by example of  generosity and is one of the most motivating and motivated people I’ve ever met. Her commitment to her soul’s evolution is consistently inspiring. She’s a gift to all she knows.”
~ Merry Trentadue


Nina Mercié Your Personal Life Coach

It is an honor and joy to be in service and witness to you living your life’s fullest potential. Coming from so much personal transformation myself I have learned the power of the HUMAN SPIRIT and its desire to shine through and thrive in all areas of our life. I am DEDICATED and PASSIONATE and will fight for you. Living our dreams is possible. Miracles are possible. They are happening in every moment and they are happening within you. Lets create beautiful, positive and meaningful changes in your life that you can be EXCITED about and GRATEFUL for! ~ Nina Mercié

Transformation Events & News

Love is the Power:  Vibrant Wellness Tour

Love is the Power: Vibrant Wellness Tour

LOVE IS THE POWER & Vibrant Wellness Tour June 1-3 Fri-Sun Mindful Meditation Retreat “LOVE IS THE POWER” Facilitated by our beloved Tom Compton and hosted by yours truly at The Transformation Haven in Solana Beach, CA. A dynamic weekend of self-realization,... read more
Coaching is Magical!

Coaching is Magical!

Coaching at CTI Coaches Training Institute Supporting the shifts that bring out your best self! I had the honor and privilege to work with the best of the best on March 11th at CTI Coaches Training Institute for SYNERGY in Los Angeles, CA. Here is how it went:... read more